What We Offer

Seminars & Workshops

Our customized seminars and workshops target executives and middle-management, and those report to them. The objective is to teach principles in reporting and data visualization. After the completed seminars or workshops, participants should be able to identify the best-practice principles: avoiding the common mistakes people make when reporting, guides to better dashboards, chart tools, when to use tables or graphs and, if so, which types of tables and graphs, graph and table design, graphical communication, storytelling with data, and different purposes of data processing.

The seminars & workshops consist of a brief theoretical section followed by more in-depth practical examples from your own organizations with advice on how to improve the existing practice.

The seminars & workshops can be designed for one, two, or three day(s). 

Data Viz Projects

During a first, complimentary and no-obligation meeting, we will together discuss the existing management reporting and outline the objectives for the project. 

Once the objectives are set, we will implement a new management reporting system that would enable you get the full, right message helping you in your decision making.

We would focus on all or selected reporting areas:

  • Executive 
  • Financial 
  • Market
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer Satisfaction 

Data visualization projects may take weeks or months, depending on the organizational needs.

Business Control

Business Control targets the operational parts of your business and usually aims to bring the market and finance departments together. The objective is to create an operative analysis package for previous periods with the present and the future. 

We can help build a dynamic analysis tool that focuses on key areas, create budget & forecast routines with predictive analytics, tailor-make specific KPIs, implement market analysis pricing strategy models, build business cases and strategic plans, to name a few.

Business Control services may take weeks to months depending on organizational needs.