We love telling stories with numbers.

Many executives seem to have a hard time understanding their own company reports, but when they read an article about another company in Financial Times, Furtune or other business publications, they fully understand the content in just a few minutes. Why is that? We believe the reason is because of poor reporting within most organizations.

Ceeside is a data-driven analytics firm. Our passion is to make sense of useful data. We are dedicated to separating noise from what really matters, understanding it, highlighting the signals, visualizing their message, and telling a story with numbers.




We will have ongoing dialogue with you to fully understand your needs. This is when we observe, define the problem and identify the goals. We study the data input sources, how we can access them, and – if there are multiple data sources – how we can get them to “shake hands” with each other.



We look into the data set itself to analyze its structure. We separate the data that is not useful to our goals from the data that contain the signals. We realize that important stories live in the data, and we first must understand these stories before we can tell them in an effective way.



We tell the stories using effective design practices of data visualization. We strive for simplicity. The stories must be true, complete, informative, concrete and actionable. They must integrate words and numbers, patterns, outliers and trends, and bring insight.


Most of our business is repeat business or by referral. We have more than ten years of experience in our field, guarantee the quality of our work, deliver on time and meet deadlines. Our solutions are always customized to meet your needs. We have a fair pricing system and strongly believe that great results come from co-operation and dedication.

Unlike many consultancy agencies, we have very low overhead costs which enables us to maintain very competitive pricing.


Before starting a new project, free consultation sessions are included. We need to understand your business, your needs and expectations to deliver an estimate on the scope of the project.


Every project is unique, we will never offer you one-size-fits-all packages. We believe that in our line of work, successful solutions are tailor-made and customized.


Needs, insight and goals may sometimes change during the course of a project. We will keep ongoing dialogue with you to – if necessary – alter the approach to or the scope of the project.


Successful projects require mutual commitment from all parties involved. We work close together with you during the whole duration of the project: on-site at your offices and off-site with regular meetings. We will not have people sitting in remote locations working on your project.


We take pride in the quality of our work, also proven by the number of repeat businesses and referrals. By the end of the project, should you not be satisfied with the quality of our work, we will give you a full money-back guarantee.


We understand the local bakery has less ability than a multinational company to spend on consulting but their needs are as essential, therefor we believe in fair pricing. Our pricing is not fixed but rather based on the client’s specific situation.


You want to see your numbers?

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