How can great reporting improve your decision making?

As most professionals are not trained in the field of data visualization - how to communicate with each other without using words - often times poor reporting standards within organizations lead to the wrong or only partially right message being conveyed to key decision makers, leading them to make decisions that both in the short and long run mean great hidden costs to the organization.

We help you set up and/or review your reporting system and control department by focusing on two primary areas of structure, and content & design.


Our mission is to help you get your reporting sorted, receive the right message, see the big picture and avoid hidden costs that come with poor reporting. 


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Case Examples & Projects with Previous Clients

Business Control Department Set-up

We have built a Business Control department from scratch and implemented and documented routines and tasks in FMCG-industry. We have customized KPIs, introduced forecast and follow-up models, established communication channels between sales and finance departments, and created a strategic business plan for the organization. We also helped finding the right candidates to take over the Business Control department.

Reporting Templates

A package of reporting periodical templates were created for the client. The package included customized KPIs, interactive financial and market follow-up and analysis. 

Excel & Internal Communication Training

Excel is frequently used by organizations for every day need, and can be a powerful tool if users are familiar with it. Courses on three levels of Basic, Intermediate and Advance aim to strengthen the knowledge of financial and marketing people with practical example and case studies. Internal communication courses improve the way with communicate with each other through reporting. 

Product Analysis & Business Cases

We have conducted numerous case studies where we have analyzed existing specific product or product groups, for example car rentals and car wash for an international gas station chain. We have also assisted and led business case projects for future products to be added in portfolio. Contact us for more details.


Budgets can be static and -if you are not throughout the year adjusting your goals to the real events - can quickly turn out of date. One of the tools to keep you flexible with changing conditions in a dynamic environment is to adapt forward rolling forecasts. 

We have successfully created and implemented forecast and budget routines and templates that can be used to monitor the actual events through the future periods for a number of clients.

Average Cost of Labor

In knowledge-intensive companies it could be helpful to categorize employees according to a number of parameters, for example skills, experience, among all. In consultancy businesses, for example, it can help you send the right consultant to the right client through the ACOL (Average Cost of Labor) pyramid models.


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